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Aim Land Services Ltd. is now a client of CanadaWeb Inc.

Aim Land Services Ltd. is now a client of CanadaWeb Inc.

Aim Land is a full service surface land broker with the knowledge and experience to complete projects on time and on budget. Innovative thinking ensures Aim is a leader in the land business. A hands on project management approach delivers an unparalleled understanding of the challenges facing your project.

At Aim we understand the importance of employing land professionals that have compatible backgrounds to the stakeholders we deal with each and every day. Extensive industry and agriculture backgrounds are some of the key features we have built our land team around.

Our administration team has a wealth of knowledge in as aspects of surface land. Well versed in the regulatory process and have an excellent knowledge of the regulatory filing process.

Aim Land’s project teams have successfully completed a number of large pipeline projects. We understand the attention that projects of that magnitude require. That same level of detail is applied to each and every project Aim Land undertakes.

We understand land and so much more, when you understand the bigger picture everything is in perspective.

For your project needs…

  • Title searches
  • Survey acquisition and support
  • Pipeline routeing/well site placement
  • Regulatory compliance ERCB and NEB
  • Acquisition of Surface rights
  • Regulatory Hearing support
  • Construction Support
  • Damage Settlement
  • Third Party Agreements
  • Crown Acquisition

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