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Mobile Applications

CanadaWeb Inc. can create apps for all platforms. Here are some of the advantages of each platform and why they might be worth targeting.

BlackBerry® app development

Many in the business world continue to rely on Blackberry devices. With their unique keyboards, these devices are great for sending emails and text messages. Those creating a business app that will sell at a fairly high margin may wish to consider targeting Blackberry devices.

iPhone & iPad app development

Even though the iPhone has fallen behind the combined sales of Android devices, those who use iPhones tend to spend more on apps than Android users. For this reason, nearly all apps available have an iPhone version, and those who are looking to make a profit on their apps will want to ensure that an iPhone version is included.

Android app development

Just when it seemed that the iPhone would dominate the smart phone field, Google released its Android operating system for free. Through the years, Android has surpassed iPhone in terms of popularity, and those who want to target the biggest platform available will want to target Android as well.

Windows 8 app development

While it is unclear if  Windows 8 will be able to rival other smart phone platforms, early reviews are positive, and sales have been fairly strong. The Windows 8 platform has relatively few apps available for it, and a great app and potentially bring in a considerable amount of money on this platform.
Programming apps is challenging, and experience is needed to create attractive, effective and bug-free apps. If you are interested in having an app developed, contact us to discover how we can help.