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Google Chrome’s new Bookmarks

Here’s an interesting observation and fix by my good friend Bill Rowe:

Went to add a new bookmark to Chrome today(Ctrl D) and they have changed it big time. They put this one in without asking and it sucks. Instead of a nice list with sub folders as deep as you like, you have great big icons for folders about 10 to a screen.

If this one hits you, I found a fix. Take a look at the attachment. Open Chrome type chrome://flags
And you have a big page of things you didn’t know you could do. Careful though, it’s like the registry. It can blow you out of the water. Scroll down the slider about 2/3 the way. 
You are looking for “Enable Enhanced Bookmarks” – you can see it on th attachment towards the bottom. Click on the drop down arrow and change “Default” to “Disable” and then restart Chrome. Back to normal.
I have hundreds of bookmarks and this new setup totally screwed things up for me.

Written by Frank B.

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