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If you want a professional website hire the professionals

So why is it that people go to a professional car mechanic to get their car fixed ? And they go to a dentist for their teeth ? They call a plumber for plumbing issues and electricians to handle electrical issues, etc. ? Well, because it makes sense to call a professional if you want the job done right.

So then what is it about web design and development that brings in the receptionist, the chief engineer, the sales manager, the bosses son, daughter, wife and sometimes even the dog ? And speaking of dog … that’s exactly what a website done by most of these “professionals” will be !!!  But, and here’s the funny part, regularly when we call a company to discuss giving their dog of a website a makeover I get: “The website really hasn’t worked for us so we’re not going to spend any more more on it”.  Yeah really… d’ya think …  it didn’t work ???  Who woulda thought !

So what am I trying to get at ? Folks, if you want professional results, hire a professional (preferrably CanadaWeb Inc. for best results)

Written by Frank B.

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