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Laziness and poor Business Etiquette

We have been in business for quite a few years, first in the software field and now in Internet Services. I have been noticing a disturbing trend in the last few years: general laziness and a “couldn’t give a s..t” attitude by folks. This is probably not something affecting only this line of business but I suspect it goes on everywhere.

Here a few things that really pick my butt:

Communications Shutdown

It happens on a regular basis when someone we are trying to do business with, suddenly, inexplicitly and without explanation or warning simply shuts down communications. You can call, you can e-mail, you can text…whatever, nothing works. So you scratch your head and think: wtf, what planet were you hatched on ? – laziness and the above mentioned attitude.

Incomprehensible E-Mails

I’m not sure if these people never went to school or forgot everything they ever learned but either way, what they’re writing is literally incomprehensible. I mean what kind of gobbledeguk is this: everything all upper/lower case, no punctuation anywhere, no paragraphs, misspellings galore, utterly convoluted logic, etc. And many of these e-mails originate with (supposedly) highly educated folks. Again, it’s just laziness…come on, make a bit more effort and maybe I can lay off the full time translator/explanator we have on hire.

Effectiveness in a timely Manner

The thing about building a website is we require certain decisions to be made and information to be provided by our clients in a timely manner. Without going into the myriad of issues where this comes up, it always boils down to one thing: a client can make us wait days and even weeks to make a simple decision or provide a small piece of crucial information, that would require only minutes of their time. Problem: procrastination and laziness.

Written by wyk

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