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SEO Services & Google AdWords

Search EngineTurn your web site into a Marketing Engine and feel the Power of Real Traffic !

CanadaWeb Inc. provides a complete Search Engine Optimization solution to improve traffic to your site as a cost-effective addition to your marketing. We offer a variety of options designed to improve the standing of your website with search engines and directories.

Our Search Engine Optimization Program will help you:

  • Enhance your online visibility by optimizing your web site for higher rankings
  • Attract inquiries & new business to your site
  •  Increase sales though increased inquiries

Our Proven Strategy:   We provide search engine optimization services to maximize traffic to your site
traffic = inquiries / inquiries = sales.

We will :

  • Set you up with website marketing campaign
  • Set you up with detailed and accurate traffic statistics
  • Insert proper meta tags and tracking code into the site
  • Selection of the most powerful search terms
  • Reverse-engineering of search engines submissions
  • Campaign effectiveness tracking

Search Engines Race CarThink of your website as a race car and Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O) as the Turb Charger. You are in a race to win customers … shouldn’t your website be Turbo Charged?

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Tracking the Traffic

With our comprehensive Web Site Traffic Analysis you can analyze the traffic going to your site in great detail.

Here are some of the statistics you will get:

  • When: Month/Day, Days of Week, Hours
  • Who: Domains/Countries, Hosts, Full List, Last Visit, Unresolved IP
  • Address, Robots/Spiders, Visitors
  • Navigation: Visits Duration, Viewed Pages, Entry Pages, Exit Pages, Files
  • Type, Operating Systems, Browsers, Netscape Versions, IE Versions
  • Referrers: Origin, Referring Search Engines, Referring Sites, Search
  • Keyphrases, Search Keywords
  • Much more ….

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