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The most valuable Sales Assistant

There are a number of reasons for creating and maintaining a website :

  • our competition has one so we need one too
  • it’s the thing to do
  • it will bring lots of new clients
  • it will result in much increased sales.
  • etc.

While some of those are valid reasons, many people will be disappointed if that’s all the reasons they have to go online. For one thing, just having a website is just not good enough anymore. What is really required is best called an internet presence. This would include multiple domain names, more than one website, multi-media presence, on-going Search Engine Optimization and more.

But there’s another aspect of your website that’s often not appreciated by management (people who make decisions about these things) and that’s the role of your website (and online presence) to act like a sales assistance. Smart sales staff use the corporate website as a highly effective sales tool. Nothing works better than to point a potential (or existing) customer to the website for information about product and / or service with ready to download documents even while still on the phone. Your website should also be a resource for existing customers with documents, white papers, up-to-date product info, links to related websites (suppliers, manufacturers,etc.). For more about these points please contact us at (403) 291-9811 or (866) 291-3857.

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