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We have a Miracle !

Indeed, we do have a miracle.  I thought dinosaurs became extinct 65 million years ago but it seems there are still some around  today.  So here’s a short anecdote about dinosaurs.

I had been chasing a particular oil & gas services company after finding their website.  The site is about 10 years old and would have been spectacularly bad even when first designed so I thought it would be an easy sell for a beautiful new Joomla or WordPress website.  Well, if it had been up the the sales manager yes but as is so often the case, the partners (owners) were not interested.  And I mean NOT INTERESTED !  No rational reason (I mean this outfit does several million $ in sales / year), just not gonna happen anytime soon … for years.  Finally gave up and decided to spend my time selling to companies whose mindset was in the current century.

So imagine my surprise, when one day not too long ago I got a call from the sales manager saying that they were ready to build a new site and if I could provide an estimate.  I did and they then changed their minds … didn’t want to “rush” into anything.

A couple months later I had another look at the site, thought maybe I could have one more kick at the can.  Turns out the site had been badly hacked with porn links etc. all over it – they had not noticed.  Finally, I thought, now for sure they will go ahead with the new site … and here’s where the dinosaurs come in:  they decided to take their site down, permanently!  Apparently it was decided that No website, No problems.  Way to go – smart decision in the information age !!!

Written by Frank B.

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