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What does the the IT guy have to do with it ?

So as a web developer, here's one of my (admittedly many) pet peeves ... and it's 2-fold.  First, why are they called IT - Information Technologies - at all ?  Really, if you think about, Computer Hardware & Software Support is far more accurate.  So we should refer to them as CHSS guys (or girls).  Website designers and creators would…
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These photos are the…pits

So when building websites one the important things is to have photos, images, diagrams, etc.  The problem so often is with the photos as supplied by clients.  In this day and age everybody thinks themselves to be expert photographers.  How can you fail with all the fancy digital, automatic everything cameras.  Aim in the general direction, shoot and presto we…
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What a good website should do for your business

Most business people seem to think that a website essentially acts like a 24/7 sales person … well, they are right and like sales staff, some are better at it than others (and many are quite abysmal).   It does that and performs a few other services that many people probably aren’t aware of. It starts with the idea that a…
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