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You had a new website … 7 years ago

There is a wide spread misconception among many business owners, CEO’s, etc. that a new website is required only once every 5 – 10 years (and sometimes longer than that).  The thinking is that they spent some money on the site years ago and that will be good enough for a long time to come.  These are often the same people who had no problems spending hundreds of $ if not more on their Yellow Pages ad.

Now everybody knows that a website with it’s multiple pages, graphics, photos, slide shows and more is a far better way to advertise than the Yellow Pages especially since mobile device are now so prevalent and yet, for some crazy reason it is no problem paying huge dollars for the largely ineffective Yellow Pages and only the absolute minimum on a website.

I mean, you spend $3000 – $4000 on a website and keep that one online for 3 years before replacing it.  This would be between $83.- and $111.- per month for a multi-page, colorful interactive website.  These numbers are petty cash for most businesses and yet the moaning & groaning about spending that is never-ending.

I don’t get it !!!

Written by Frank B.

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