With many years of experience and expertise in commercial / industrial photography we can provide a wide range of photographic services to clients. This includes going on-site to photograph products, equipment, buildings and work sites at any time under almost any conditions, night or day. We have done photography for Coal Mines, the Oil & Gas sector and other companies in such diverse fields as Real Estate, Architecture, Transportation, Construction and others.

We offer state-of-the-art image processing services using the most advanced tools available. We get the most out of any photos by using techniques such as cropping, varying contrast, enhancing colours, changing colour relationships, sharpening and generally enhancing photos so your website or brochure looks the most professional possible.

So if you don’t have the images for your web site or brochure, we can produce them in professional and timely fashion either from our stock photo catalog or by going onsite and shooting them. Also have a look at videography for websites – web pages as videos.

We have been involved in industrial / commercial photography for more than 30 years.  Initially we provided photo services for Coal Mines and other heavy industry in South Eastern B.C.   Photo shoots were often conducted under difficult conditions such as underground in mines, from airplanes & helicopters and even at night. This work was used in numerous annual reports by the mining companies.

In addtion to much on-site the photo experience we have also operated an advanced, commercial scale Photo Lab that was able to provide the entire range of lab services such as development of negatives & transparencies, printing photos up to 30 x 40 inches in size, copying, retouching and as well as framing and matting.

Pumpjack in Saskatchewan
Roberts Bank Harbour / Vancouver
Harvest in Alberta